Louisiana Committee for a Republican Majority

Louisiana Purchase 2.0

The Louisiana Committee for a Republican Majority (LCRM) is small cabal of radical conservatives who have set out to buy majority control of the Louisiana House of Representatives. Ostensibly, this group, co-founded by Senator David Vitter and his wife Wendy, want to deliver control of the House to the Louisiana Republican Party. In fact, the LCRM seeks to turn control of the Louisiana House to an extremist minority within the Republican Party that is committed to turning Louisiana into a platform for the national political agenda of its in-state leaders and out-of-state allies.

The LCRM is modeled after disgraced former Congressman Tom DeLay's Texans for a Republican Majority which violated Texas campaign finance laws to win control of that state's Legislature. Texas Republicans then used that majority status to ram through a mid-decade congressional reapportionment effort that sought (unsuccessfully as it turned out) to lock in a permanent Republican majority in the U.S. House of Representatives by adding more 'safe' Republican House seats in Texas. In addition to being modeled after DeLay's Texas operation, the LCRM has received major financial backing from one of DeLay's biggest Texas allies — Houston-area homebuilder Bob Perry, the man who poured millions of his own money into the successful smearing of Vietnam War hero John Kerry in 2004.

Again, modeling their plan after DeLay's Texas venture, LCRM aims to raise $2.5 million to spend electing Republicans to 38 Louisiana House seats and, possibly a few Senate seats. Because Louisiana campaign finance laws restrict political action committees (PACs) such as LCRM to $5,000 in direct contributions to candidates, the LCRM is theoretically limited to spending $250,000 on Louisiana legislative races in 2007 ($5,000 per race and, say, they end up targeting 50 races in the House and Senate). So, what could the other $2.25 million be used for?

No need to ask. We already know the answer thanks to the LCRM's activities in a special House election in New Orleans earlier this year. In the House District 94 election called to fill the unexpired term of Rep. Peppi Bruneau, the LCRM launched a vicious direct mail campaign against Deborah Langhoff that hit mail boxes in the 48 hours leading up to election day. The direct mail pieces sought to put words in Langhoff's mouth which she had never written nor said. The pieces sought to link Langhoff to what the LCRM called radical left wing bloggers.

The truth of the matter is that the only radicals involved in the District 94 race were the LCRM.

Now, with qualifying dates approaching, the LCRM's coffers are full (though they're having trouble fielding some candidates) and they are ready to wage the dirtiest and best-funded political campaign this state has ever seen. This is the great cause that Wendy Vitter says her husband is committed to seeing through.

It's the LCRM's version of the Louisiana Purchase.

This site is committed revealing the LCRM for what it is: a crass Louisiana version of the Republican slime machine that has so poisoned our national politics. It sole agenda is to secure political power and then use that power to secure its hold on that power for the benefit of its crony members — some of whom learned how to do this via the Bush/Cheney misadministration.

In coming days, we'll show how the LCRM came about, who is funding it, the national and local right-wing operatives that are getting the money to carry out its program, and those candidates who they are trying to elect.

More to come — Soon!

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